• Installation and commissioning of GSM / UMTS/ LTE/ eNode-B, CDMA BTS equipment
• De-installation & de-commissioning of GSM / UMTS/ LTE/ eNode-B, CDMA BTS equipment
• Swapping/upgrading the existing BTS/BSC/MSC with new version
• Installation, commissioning and alignment of Microwave hops
• Installation of MSC, BSC and STP equipment
• Installation & Commissioning of transmission equipment like DWDM and SDM
• Installation & Commissioning of data communication equipments like SDH,PTN, DWDM, Access network products, DLC, FSO, DSLAMs etc.
• Installation of WiMax and Wi-Fi equipment
• Installation and commissioning of IBS equipment
• Acceptance Testing of BTS / MW Equipment

EMF Survey

• EMF Survey of New Rollout & Upgraded cell Sites
• BB Testing & NB Testing
• Spectrum Scanning for distributed Radiation
• Customized testing of High risk sites
• Sector Optimization of High Risk Sites
• Reports submission with accurate survey data.
• TERM Audit Assistance


•Radtel provides skilled & Experienced resources to our various clients on Man-Month Basis or help them as consultant to hire resources on below profiles

• Project Manager
• Coordinator
• Site Engineer
• O&M Engineer
• RF & DT Engineer
• Technician
• Rigger
• Back Office Support team
• MIS Executive
• Sales Executive
• BD Executives


Radtel provides the following Radio Frequency Engineering services for all wireless Networks (GSM, UMTS, LTE, VOLTE, CDMA & WiMax):
• RF Planning, Transmission Planning and Network Design
• CW Drive Tests and Model Tuning
• RF Survey and Site selection
• MW LOS Survey and Link Engineering
• Network Audit
• Drive Test & Network Optimization
• SCFT, SSCVT, SCVT, & Cluster Optimization for various technologies
• Comparative Drive Tests and Benchmarking
• RF Optimization and KPI Analysis
• Spectrum Analysis
• Expert teams on various tools ie. TEMS, NEMO, GENEX Probe & X-Cal.


Splicing and Termination of Optical Fiber Cable
• Maintenance of OFC routes 24*7 for Routine OFC Maintenance and Breakdown OFC Maintenance
• O&M team has a supervisor, splicer, assistant splicer, patroller and a helper for every range defined by customer
• Mode of transport of patrollers is customer specific
Deployment of FRT team

As per the customer's requirement we deploy:
• An FRT team consisting of a splicer, an assistant splicer, and helpers
• A four-wheeler with a driver is available 24*7 with all the equipment (Splicing machine, OTDR, Power Meter, Portable Genset and supporting tools.