About Us

Radtel India Private Limited is a telecom and networking company which has extended its wings to web technology, digital marketing and business consultancy. We are an experienced group of peers who are well acquainted with this industry and work towards its improvement. We have experienced professionals working meticulously to serve our customers in the best way possible. We might not claim to be the best but we are certainly better than all the others in the same field.

Our Mission

At Radtel, we aim to provide excellence in service to our customer. We aspire to spread our aura globally so that we can contribute to the further development of the world. Our passion and drive motivates us to focus on our mission and fulfil it.

Our Plan

We aspire to make our customer ties stronger and serve them to the fullest. We consider our customers, shareholders and employees as the backbone of the company and plan to keep them delighted always. We professionally work towards technological advancements to keep pace with the raging world and help our customers get the best out of us.

Our Vision

We were born with a vision of spreading technological support to the world. A group of peers who are experienced in this field work towards locating customer needs and expectations. At Radtel, we try to gratify everyone’s practical needs and make better relationships across the globe to see the world pace with technology in sync.


We expertise in telecom and networking, digital marketing and business development. And excellent service is our motto and goal. We help in making the best websites and cover all other technological aspects keeping in mind your needs and demands.


We expertise are experts in the information technology sector and assist you with web development, app development (invoice and android) and ERP. We also extend to e-commerce websites and other interactive platforms under this segment.

Digital marketing

Under digital marketing we lay focus on SEO services, SMO and website marketing. Be it YouTube, email, Facebook or any other platform, we shall master in the field of digital marketing.

Telecom and networking

Under telecom and networking sector we provide a wide plethora of services starting from EMF survey, broadband testing, drive test and network optimization. We also focus on implementation services, and building solutions with trained manpower. We cover most of the aspects of telecom and networking and will be happy to assist you..

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